Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission with our Raised Bed Gardens
We have a vision and mission and we need YOUR HELP!

We want to sum it up as close as possible so that people have a clear vision of what we would like to achieve and how you could help.

#wegrowandgive on our property we GROW our vegetables in our raise bed gardens and we GIVE!
We love to contribute to community’s around us and we are really looking forward to finding more community’s that can benefit, not only from our nutritious vegetables but also from learning the benefits of growing your own vegetable garden in the most healthy, efficient and productive way possible.
Our vision and mission is to inspire thousands to sponsor or donate a raised bed vegetable garden to the charity of your choice. We will supply and fit a raised bed garden at the charity of your choice and educate the recipients of your choice of the benefits of growing and sustaining their own wonderful and nutritious vegetable garden. This is the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come. This concept can change thousands of lives and we want YOU to help us with our vision and mission to get South Africa involved in feeding and educating our communities.
All you need to do is start talking and spread the word in any way that gets us in front of the the right people. When people start learning to know and trust us, communities are going to reap the benefits is so many ways and that is our vision and mission.