What is Hugelkulter?

What is Hugelkulter


Due to harsh climates, varying soil conditions and lack of machinery or human
resources, our inspired farmer forefathers needed to control their environments,
or suffer drastic consequences! Centuries ago, farmers learned to grow
their crops by closely observing the natural world the relationship between all
the elements of a forest, above and below the forest floor.

Dead tree trunks, logs and branches naturally take the longest time to decay
and compost. When a tree dies in a natural forest, the wood will begin to rot
and decompose. Other less dense forms of vegetation in the woods also die
and lie on top of these decaying trees in layers. The lighter, less dense vegetation
will always form the top composting layer. Natural gases and heat is
generated during this slow but natural process of decomposition and hugely
benefiting the root and plant growth. This process fights seasonal temperature
drops and naturally lengthens the plant growth period. By emulating Nature
in a controlled space, a vibrant and living biome that is most beneficial for the
intensive growing of plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers, will be created.


Hugelkultur is the process of burying large amounts of rotting debris under the
soil. This usually includes large rotting logs, sticks and other debris.
A large sponge is still being created under the soil that holds water well and
gives the plants nutrients. The roots of the plants will travel deeper into the
ground to obtain the nutrients and water, which creates more vigorous plants.
Fill in all the extra space and gaps between the large logs with leaves, grass clippings,
trimmings from bushes, wood chips, etc.

This takes up space with free
materials, so it’s not necessary to spend as much money on filling up the bed.
The goal is to place rotting wood and other debris about 30 – 40 centimetres
deep in the bed. If an existing raised bed is being used, dig out all the soil first.
It may even be necessary to dig down deeper than ground level to get to this
depth. Set the soil aside for now.

By creating an ideal world of beneficial microbes and bacteria, a genuine raised
bed garden once built is left to Mother Nature is a living breathing,
long-lasting organic system that will keep on giving for many years to come.

Raised Bed Gardening
Hugelkulter - Raised Bed Gardening
Hugelkulter - Raised Bed Gardening
Hugelkulter - Raised Bed Gardening
Hugelkulter - Raised Bed Gardening
Hugelkulter - Raised Bed Gardening

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