How to grow a genuine raised bed garden my top five Reasons to Start NOW


If you do not yet practice the art of raised bed gardening and you have heard anything about raised bed gardening, you will find that there are many advantages and benefits of this technique of gardening that is taking the world by storm.


What is raised bed gardening?


What is a raised bed garden and why does it work? Raised bed garden is not simply gardening in a raised container in which to grow your favorite plants. In fact, the principle of raised bed gardening was never intended for container gardening, but rather sometimes propagating village crops in exceptionally large and tall hill mounds extending for as long as the available fields would allow. This wonderfully efficient and productive technique just happens to be perfect

for container gardening.


A genuine raised bed garden is an ecosystem created by building the garden based on the ancient eastern European technique of raised, or mound, or hill culture gardening learned and practiced by building a long lasting symbiotic ecosystem often referred to by its Germanic name “hügelkultur”. Is all in the soil! By creating an ideal world of beneficial microbes and bacteria, a genuine raised bed garden once built or created properly is then left to mother nature to give a truly productive raised bed garden that will keep on giving for many years to come. This is the reason why practicing the art of raised bed gardening is so beneficial to all who live and practice it.


Depending on the space you have available, a raised bed garden can be started in the smallest of areas to as large as you have available. A corner of a patio or balcony say 1 meter by 1 meter would be ideal. Building a raised bed garden can take just a small amount of space


The following are my top five reasons why I believe that you simply must start raised bed gardening NOW!



Reason 1 - Grow anything you want.


Fresh herbs and vegetables grown in a corrugated iron raised bed garden


You can grow anything you want in a raised bed garden. Whether it be pretty flowers, vegetables, your favorite herbs or spices, decorative reeds or bamboo, medicinal plants etc. The sky’s the limit! To assist you in deciding what to grow I recommend that you do a little bit of free internet research on things like; average local temperatures of your growing season   you to take into account the available space, amount of natural sunlight and what seeds or seedlings are locally available.




Reason 2 - Start your own raised bed garden for FREE!


Yes, you can start your own raised bed garden for little or no cost at all. With a bit of time and effort you will soon find that all you need to start a raised bed garden is right at your fingertips.

Locally sourced material to start your free raised bed garden


Raised bed gardening, Hügelkultur

A perfect example of a homemade hugelkultur raised bed garden


Good garden enthusiast are generally people who love to learn and share their local knowledge, their trials and errors that they have learned over the years. A keen gardener is easy to spot by taking a quick glance at a lovingly nurtured yard, balcony, pavement, fence etc. garden. I have found that a simple walk down the road, a friendly wave and a ‘garden compliment’ can spark up a myriad of garden conversations and in my case friendships for life.  These gardening friends will undoubtedly have some priceless advice. seeds, seedlings, flowers etc. to share on what is working ‘how, why and where to plant, what works and what doesn’t depend on your local growing conditions. 

A homemade IBR sheet metal raised bed made from locally sourced unwanted ‘free’ excess stock donated from local roofing company.



Reason No 3 - Feed your family.


Although this may seem obvious, I cannot overstate the benefits of nourishing and feeding yourself, friends and family enough. In these difficult times where we see the scarcity and cost of produce that we in generally seem to have taken for granted, skyrocketing. Now more than ever is he time to be growing our own fresh fruit and vegetables and more importantly teaching our children to do the same.



Reason No. 4 – Growing fruit and vegetables in raised bed gardens is Just so healthy and good for you


Yes of course anything that you do outdoors is both fun and healthy for the soul and bank balance but raised bed gardening is so much more than this. With current economic and logistical difficulties g experienced in the supply of healthy produce in the food chain, the rise of

genetically engineering of mass crops infused with toxic chemicals and fertilized hydroponic food factories, now more than ever is the time to grow your own fresh, healthy organic fruits and vegetables. And it looks so good too!



Reason No. 5 – It is just so easy!                     


By applying genuine hügelkultur raised bed technique, gardening has never been so easy. NO MORE BACK BREAKING, KNEE BENDING GARDENING! I mean this literally as this is the very reason that I came to this revelation of gardening. I am physically disabled after an accident and cannot garden as I used to. An ideal height for a hügelkultur raised bed garden is waist high for the average person.

Genuine raised bed gardening is so easy and fun for the kids to learn the important and fundamental stages of gardening, soil, plant and microbe biology in the easy step-by-step method of hügelkultur they will be learning the science and miracle of nature and having so much fun while doing it. Raised bed gardening can a fantastic family past time and learning experience all in one, not to mention the health benefits.




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