20 Advantages of container Raised Bed Gardens

Raised Bed Container and Grow Bags

20 Advantages of Genuine Grow Gardens container Raised Bed Gardens

  1. Ideal for the elderly, physically disabled or overweight gardeners. NO MORE BENDING DOWN!
  2. Can be built cost-effectively using a variety of freely available materials
  3. Easily assembled
  4. Easily moved
  5. Resistant to most pest and animal damage
  6. Easy to control plant disease and infestations
  7. Customised to any size
  8. Can be placed in any available space
  9. Ideal for patio or balcony gardens
  10. Can be placed on any open ground. Even ground previously considered entirely unsuitable for plant growth. Ground such as concrete or contaminated soil can now be utilised
  11. Easy to weed
  12. Drought tolerant (not drought resistant), due to the water (sponge-like) retention properties of the underlying vegetation.
  13. Erosion free – soil and nutrient loss minimised
  14. Ideal for the practice on crop rotation
  15. No fertilisers required
  16. Steel containers provide warmth to encourage root growth
  17. Suitable for colour flower show gardens
  18. Ideal for patio, vegetable, aromatherapy, herb, medicinal plant, cut flower gardens etc
  19. Can be shipped anywhere
  20. Can be covered and protected with hail, shade or critter covers

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