Raised Bed Gardening
Genuine Grow Gardens is a horticultural business which combines our passion for gardening and education with our technical expertise to build and market an intensive yet easy to maintain raised bed gardening system. 

Genuine Grow Gardens promotes the principle of self-sustainability and the practice of 'urban farming' by 'growing your own' productive garden in the smallest available space. Through research, trial and error, we have found the perfect gardening system for all which is raised bed gardening, whether it be fresh organic vegetables, fruits, herbs or beautiful flowers. 

Raised bed Gardening is gardening in a raised bed of almost any shape or size. These beds can be 400mm to 800mm high, 800mm wide and as long as you choose depending on your available space.

Now more than ever in these times of economic uncertainty, it is the time to grow your own self-sustainable economically viable, space-saving urban garden using an easy but intensive growing method for wonderfully fresh food straight to the table. This is all right at your fingertips. With the least amount of effort, you can now support family and friends and even start your own fresh produce business.

Our emphasis is on educating adults and more importantly children the joy and health benefits of growing your vegetable garden in the most healthy, efficient and productive way possible. You can have fun, feed yourself and discover the wonderful world of raised bed gardening. The phrase "bearing the fruits of your labour" proves itself in the method and passion of Genuine Grow Gardens raised bed gardening.

Raised Bed Gardening